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Jane Griffiths published her first book, Jane's Delicious Garden, in April 2009. 

It led to a vegetable gardening revolution in South Africa, with thousands following in her green footsteps. 

In Jane's Delicious Garden shop, we supply Delicious books, 100% natural body products, 

goodies for gardeners and for green living. 

"When I started growing my own vegetables and herbs, it was a natural step to experiment with making unguents, lotions and potions. Mom’s old double boiler was hauled out from the back of the cupboard and put to good use melting beeswax and shea butter. Abundant herb harvests were chopped, macerated, dried, steeped and spread and made into everything from delicious body creams to healing tinctures. 

This has now led to me developing a range of 100% natural body products for gardeners, for our hard working hands and bodies "

Jane Griffiths



Tested on gardeners. 


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