When Lucian Sieberhagen's six month-old son Franco developed eczema, he went to his friend who was a dermatologist. "After a costly consultation, all he could prescribe was cortisone. I knew there must be some other way that actually treated the problem and not only the symptoms."

Lucian was travelling extensively on business in West-Africa, India and Europe and found the natural and old world remedies fascinating. "I love Italy and the old Roman history and started to do research on the old remedies they used and why. When you look at today's new research on natural ingredients you realise they were no fools but sadly most of that knowledge is lost." He did a soap making course in Italy on the old, truly natural way of making soap with raw, unrefined oils and botanicals. "I developed my first soap with old-world ingredients but with a new and modern twist, incorporating the latest research." Within a few months of using Lucian's natural soap, his son's eczema had disappeared. Then family members started using his products. And friends. Then friends of friends. And so the Angelfactory was born.

Lucian was born in Graaff-Reinet in the Eastern Cape and grew up in Jansenville, where the main activity was sheep and mohair farming. "I devoted most of my life to  the agricultural sector, working for National Coop Dairies (NCD), the mother of Clover."  Lucian now runs his own business in the small Free State town of Lindley, where all the products are handcrafted using only natural ingredients.


He has developed other products, such as a 100% natural sunscreen and a body cream using natural oils, butters and pure essential oils. He does research every day on ingredients and techniques, "but I still keep it simple and handmade. I believe that if you make it by hand you give something of yourself, something special."

When Jane Griffiths first met Lucian, she knew he was the right person to manufacture her products. "I have always believed in my Garden Angels. Their energy has been guiding me on this journey since I wrote my first book over ten years ago. So when I heard that Lucian's business was the Angelfactory I knew he was the one to take my recipes and turn them into beautiful products. That, and the fact that he believes (as I do) in making products that are 100% natural."